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Success Stories

As I look back at over more than a decade of helping clients be healthier and feel better about themselves, I thought I would share a few of their stories with you. I have experience working with diverse clients, ranging from middle school age to past middle-age, post-pregnancy, and rehab - those wanting to lose 15 pounds and others over 50 pounds. Everyone defines success differently. It may be inches or pounds lost, fitting into "skinny" jeans, having more strength, better balance, or just simply looking and feeling better. Whatever your goals are I can help you attain them. Of course if you work with me you may have different results, but here are some examples of what real people have accomplished working with me.

Sara P., Troy - April 2018

“Laura is the best trainer I could ever have to help me lose the weight I gained with my second pregnancy. She’s knowledgeable, very conscious of health and safety. Her great personality adds a fun element to every workout and keeps you motivated! Highly recommended!”

Angela C., Southgate - November 2017

I have been training with Laura since September. She is my first experience with a trainer. I have tried it on my own many times and have never been able to get major results or even stick with it. I absolutely love training with Laura and would recommend her to anyone. She pushes you to achieve your goal but does not give you anything you cannot handle. Training with Laura has changed my outlook on eating and working out and the importance of sticking to it. I love seeing the results in my body and strength from week to week. Training with Laura is a one on one personal experience and she educates you on what to do throughout the week to achieve your goals."*

Elaine T., Brighton - June 2016

"In May, 2016 at the age of 67 I was looking for a personal trainer. Sounds easy, but not for me. I have scoliosis and I had surgery to do a 50% correction placing a Herrington Rod down my spine. I have lower back issues; a total right hip replacement; right shoulder rotator cuff surgery, right knee at end stage and left knee at bone to bone. Thus, I felt I needed someone who would take the time to understand me and my limitations. I looked online locally and didn’t find what I thought was the right fit for me. However, I did find the Train With Laura website. She had the qualifications that I felt I needed so I contacted Laura and set up a consultation. The rest is history. I have gone to exercise with Laura for a year two times a week. She has worked around problems I’ve had and structured exercises to fit my ability and my needs. She always wants to know if you have any issues so they don’t become worse as a result of that day’s training. She is a motivator and she cares about what she does and she shares her knowledge to help her clients succeed at whatever their goal may be along with having fun. I didn’t stop training with Laura. Laura moved and left me. Make that call, meet Laura and get hooked and you’ll feel better about you and improve your life".*

Mary Ann A., Northville - May 2016

"Much gratitude to trainer Laura! ...I got fit fast! I always worked out on my own but was not getting the results I wanted. Laura, my very first ever, personal trainer set me on the right path and in a very short period of time! I lost 12 pounds and huge inches around the waist! ...Plus she was fun! I loved every one of my workouts and spending time with her! Thanks trainer Laura!"*

Sue P., Novi - April 2016

"I've just completed 3.5 months of training with Laura, 2 nights per week. I feel great, and am ecstatic about the goals I achieved with Laura's help! When Laura and I met, I had just come through a 2-year period of intense stress, caring for a sick loved one who eventually passed away. I was out of shape, overweight, and hadn't exercised in years. I was blaming menopause for my weight gain. My back hurt all the time, and at 55, I was feeling the effects of aging on my body. My goals were to lose weight, get back into shape again, and transform my life in terms of getting back to a far better state of health and nutrition. Given some arthritis in my back and neck, I sought Laura's help because I was worried about potentially hurting myself as I restarted into a training program. I wanted coaching on my form, exercise alternatives that would protect my back and neck as I built up again, and coaching on nutrition. If I was going to work that hard at getting into shape again, this time I wanted to see some visible results afterward in terms of muscle definition! With Laura's help, I achieved all of this, plus so much more! Training with Laura has been great! She progressed me slowly through varying levels of difficulty and exercise form as my body built up. She was quick to restructure an exercise if it put too much strain on my back or neck. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone each week, and in the process taught me to push myself and to expect more from myself. She gave me goals, and helped me monitor my performance to my own objectives. She taught me nutritionally, and her tips and tricks each week gave me an arsenal of ideas I could tactically implement to transform my eating habits. She got me onto MyFitnessPal and, in the process, I monitored my calorie intake and have completely transformed the way I eat. I have learned so much in the process! This has not been a diet! But more so a total transformation in health and nutrition that I have happily integrated into my ongoing life. At this point, I can proudly say that I have lost 25 pounds in my 3.5 months with Laura, and achieved my target weight. I am now between a size 4 and a size 6. And am literally in the best physical shape of my life again! And yes...there are real muscles now! I absolutely love the way I look and feel, and am so happy to have had Laura's help. I would recommend Laura to anyone!"*

Chipp V. Northville - November 2015

"Training with Laura was great. She combines good old fashioned hard work with accountability, having me set weekly goals; then taking time to discuss what worked and what didn't each week, regardless of whether the weekly goal was met. There are no special diets, shakes, liquid meals, etc. As a man, I can attest that her workouts are very challenging and she continually pushed me to test every limit I had. She knew when I was selling myself short and was always able to coax more reps out of me when I had thought I had reached my limit. When I started, I couldn't do even 1 push-up and now I can do multiple sets with varying hand positions. I had always thought that I could reach my goals on my own. One session with Laura showed me that I wasn't doing enough in both my workouts and eating habits to reach either of my weight loss and exercise goals. With her lessons and guidance, I lost 35 pounds and five inches off of both my waist and chest. I can run 4 miles in hilly terrain and I am in the best shape of my life. With the tools Laura supplied me, I'll be able to continue to my goal of losing 60 pounds. If you're looking for a trainer that cares and holds you accountable for all the goals you want to set, look no further than Laura."*

Bruce and Sue S., Milan - August 2015

"In the fall of 2013, my husband agreed to start working out with me. Something we had never done. He is 66, I am 61. Searching through a number of gyms, I realized that was not the road for us. I decided on a personal trainer. I spoke with Laura and felt confident that her background and experience was right for us. With the commute being 35 miles each way from our house, my husband reluctantly agreed to go. Almost 2 years later, we both have realized that healthful eating and exercise need to be a way of life. We both have lost more than 10 pounds each. But more importantly our bodies are becoming toned and we now look for forward to exercise. Thank you Laura for your patience and encouragement."*

Ed M., Novi - July 2015

It was a pleasure to work with Ed. He is off to a great start but not done yet. Ed has now transitioned to my Health Coach services as he continues his fitness and weight loss journey.

"Wow what can I say about my fabulous experience with Laura. It is hard to imagine exercise as fabulous experience, but that is how I will feel after I trained with Laura. She puts the fun in getting fit."

I am 62 and felt my life was on a down hill slide physically. I weighed 277 and just felt tired all the time. I took great pleasure in eating. I rewarded myself with food, I celebrated with food, I comforted myself with food. It was a horrible cycle I eat because I liked the taste, but then feeling stuffed worried how much longer my body keep this up before it shut down.

I had tried well publicized weight loss programs which did not quite work for me because there was no individual accountably. No one who really had partnered with me.

In February of 2015 I found Laura's website and I set up a free consultation. That was the start of my new life. We discussed a plan and I decided to implement it and go all in with Laura. I have lost (I prefer to think I have given away) 50+ pounds and have a new lease on life. With Laura's help I have learned how to exercise and how to eat. I now have hope for a long life. I could not have done it without Laura as she has been a trainer, an educator, a mentor, and an accountability partner. Loosing weight, getting fit, and regaining hope is obtainable with Laura as your trainer and partner."*

Jennifer T., South Lyon - June 2015

"I used to be the skinny girl who never had a food or weight issue. In 2009 I tore the labrum in my hip and had surgery to repair it in 2010 and again in 2011. Since then I have had a hard time getting my weight back to where I wanted it. I was tired all the time and when I tried to exercise I would injure myself again thus not seeing results. In 2014, I experienced the most stressful time of my life to date and gained even more weight in a short amount of time. I knew I needed to do something about it and my previous experience told me I would not be successful on my own. I did some research online and found Laura.

After a consultation, I learned she had firsthand knowledge of my injury which was such a blessing. I knew she was the trainer for me immediately. I am beyond Type A and she knew how to push me, but not too far. Ever session was different so I got to see a ton of variety of exercises which I loved. I saw good results weekly keeping me motivated! After 19 weeks I lost 17.8 pounds and am almost at my goal weight. I have the tools I need in life to continue to lose the small amount left and maintain it for good.

The best news is that I feel better mentally about myself! I have never been this strong yet I still look lean. This would not have been possible without the knowledge Laura shared with me. She is an amazing trainer who has the skills to work with anyone irrespective of age, fitness level, etc. I am so happy I made this investment in myself!"*

Helen M., Plymouth - May 2015

"I heard about Laura from a friend when I noticed my friend's pictures on Facebook documenting her weight loss and increasingly fit body. I met with Laura for a consultation and liked her immediately. She is professional and has a very caring personality. Laura listened to my unique situation and we made goals based on my needs. I really liked her fitness studio also. It's private and for someone who was so out of shape, it was important for me to be able to work out and not worry about others around me. It allowed me to focus on myself which was what I needed.

I have been a nurse for over 30 years and appreciated Laura's up-to-date knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and overall health information. I was able to lose 20 lbs. under Laura's direction. More importantly, I had so much more energy and stamina. My emotional health improved tremendously too. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone who wants to improve their physical health.”*

Jackie O., Northville - November 2014

"Laura is an outstanding trainer. She has the ability to coach anyone, of any age, and at any fitness level to reach their goals. I should know. Before I began training with Laura, it was very difficult for me to lose any weight and I was out-of-shape. When I began working with her, I lost three dress sizes in a few months. I have continued to train with Laura for three years and she has assisted me in keeping the weight and inches from returning. Now, I get compliments all the time and I have more strength, endurance and vitality than I ever thought possible. Train With Laura. You will LOVE the results!"*

Shelley L., Livonia - November 2014

"Just about a year and a half ago I began training with Laura which changed my life. I lost 130 pounds and am now in the best shape of my adult life. I looked forward to my weekly check in with her, to see my progress each week. Due to my weight loss I began running in the spring, which lead to the running of the Detroit marathon. I can now keep up with my busy life. Due to my determination and her motivation my story is a success."*

Whitney S., Northville - July 2014

"Having spent the bulk of my teens and twenties naturally very thin with very little effort...imagine my surprise when I hit thirty and realized that my bad habits had caught up with me...yikes! I sought out Laura's help on a whim after seeing some *serious* results via a family member. With gentle encouragement Laura taught me that I am the master of my own physical fitness (this was a novel concept for me). She emphasized the basics:

  1. You are what you Eat.
  2. You've gotta get off the couch and sweat!
  3. Building muscle and burning fat doesn't happen overnight. It happens with regular effort.

Most importantly, she held me accountable by reinforcing that I am not working out for Laura; I am working out for ME! At first it was tough going, but with steady effort and twice a week sessions, my body and mindset did a 180. Over time I lost 15+ pounds AND found my body to be something it had never been before...strong! At thirty one I feel better than I ever have. Training with Laura was one of the better decisions I have made (and I pride myself on my strong decision making skills). Thank you, Laura, for helping me to discover the NEW me!"*

Beth R., Northville - April 2014

"For me, I found a personal trainer is THE way to go. Back in my 40's I tried it and never felt or looked better. 20 years later I found myself falling off the wagon and putting weight back on and lacking the stick-to-it-ness to do what it takes to get back on track. In addition, my main reason was medically motivated. My Doctor was recommending medications and I was determined not to become prescription dependent. Particularly when I had the ability to prevent that. But, what I did need was someone to coach me and keep me accountable. Teamwork."

"When checking into my local gym I found they no longer offered personal trainers so I Google'd and found the perfect fit ... Laura. And she had her own workout facility right at home which I loved - the privacy and lack of distraction. But the best aspect to her service at this point in my life was she matched my personal needs. I was not looking for the boot camp mentality but someone who would take my health issues into consideration."

"Laura is low key in a positive yet determined manner. She takes all things into consideration, has alternatives and equipment to accomplish your goals and a no nonsense approach to motivation. She reiterated what I already knew, and more, both nutritionally as well as physically."

"I have now reached the point to where I feel I have the ability to continue forward. I love the way I look and feel. Strong arms, back, legs, hips and determination to stick to a healthy life style. And if I mess up... well, I know she's there."

"It's so worth it. And, as we all know, your health and confidence is everything. It's a gift I give myself and those that love me. Thank you Laura"*

Holly L., Sterling Heights - November 2013

Holly had a great attitude from the first session. She drove quite far to my studio yet never complained and was always smiling.

"I have been overweight my entire life. I have always been high energy and very active, so it never bothered me being heavy. As I transitioned into a new job 3 years ago, I become much less active at work and have never been one to exercise or diet, so I began to really pack on the pounds! I always told myself that if my weight got into the way of my lifestyle i would do something about it. In June of 2013 I could feel that I had reached the point of my weight being an issue. I had no idea what to do or where to start, so I searched personal trainers on the web. Several sites came up with the same old "pump up" message that was a real turn off to me because I had let myself get so big and it was intimidating. Then I saw Laura's site. She seemed sweet and genuinely interested in helping people change their lives for the better. Even though Laura's studio is about a 40 minute drive from me, I decided to give her a call. Wow! I am so happy I did!!

My first session with Laura was amazing! She talked to me about my lifestyle, habits, history, and goals with no judgment. She then took the time to go over ways to eat better and right, then began showing me exercises. Every time I went to a session with Laura, she was so encouraging and truly excited to see my progress. She was able to motivate me and push me just enough for me to be able to have success. She taught me that dieting isn't the answer to weight loss but rather making intelligent decisions about what you eat and regular exercise is. I was shocked at how easy I was able to completely alter my lifestyle in a positive manner with Laura's support! While she always drove me to work harder during our sessions, working out with Laura was always fun and rewarding. She provided me with the tools to go home and do it myself. Since beginning with Laura, I have been able to drop over 50 pounds and almost 20 combined inches off of my body!!!!! I even took a month off from training with her, taking a two week vacation to Florida during that time, and was still able to lose weight!! All because Laura had armed with the knowledge and power of what it takes to maintain a healthy way of living!

I am forever grateful to Laura for her belief in me, her encouragement, and her ability to make working out fun and rewarding!!! If you are even thinking about losing weight I would recommend starting a program with Laura immediately! You will not regret it! You will be thrilled with the results and the power that you will gain in order to be successful!"*

Kelsey R., Northville - January 2013

Kelsey was the second Northville High student that I have trained. It was so rewarding to see her confidence soar as she lost weight. I loved her quick smile and willingness to work hard.

"I have been over weight for most of my teenage years. After starting and giving up on so many diets I began to feel like there was no way I could ever lose the weight I needed to feel good about myself. I was just so unmotivated to do things on my own. Starting my senior year of high school I knew that I needed to try something different to get my life on the healthy track. After looking online for personal trainers I found Laura. Deciding to train with Laura was one of the best decisions of my life!

After 4 months of training with her I have lost almost 30 lbs. and am so much healthier! Laura provided the encouragement and push I needed to get healthy and lose the weight. She challenges me during every work out and gives me the motivation to succeed on my own too. She is fun to work with, easy to talk to, and really believes in me. I have managed to be so successful because of Laura. I look forward to continue to work with her to help achieve my final goal."*

Amy F., Northville - January 2013

Like several clients Amy came to me to prepare for a special occasion: her wedding! I love helping brides look their best.

"I began using Laura as my personal trainer two years ago with a basic goal of gaining strength and flexibility in my core area. I thought it would be great to lose about ten pounds also, but was more focused on the strength aspect. Laura listened to my goals, discussed a plan for weekly work-outs and also talked to me about nutrition and protein-based snack ideas. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to immediately increase my strength level and was able to continue to gain strength and added flexibility as I focused on core exercises varied with cardio work-outs. And - I've lost fifteen pounds and inches from my waist and hip areas. I've recently recovered from major surgery and Laura was able to tailor my work-outs as needed, easing me back into an exercise routine that was manageable and focused on helping me regain my strength.

Laura is great to work with - fun, challenging, easy to talk to and motivational. All great things you want in a personal trainer!"*

Martha D., Westland - February 2012

Here is an update from Martha. Her original testimonial was from 2009

"In the last three years of training with Laura, I have been able to maintain my weight and commitment to exercise with Laura's continued support and expertise. My weight loss and Laura's encouragement has given me the confidence to challenge myself by trying new sports, competing in races, and striving to set and accomplish new fitness goals. Since my initial weight loss I have competed in a sprint triathlon (2010), several 5k and 10k races, The Crim 10 miler in Flint (2011) and the Detroit Half Marathon (2011). I am already setting new goals and planning which races I will be competing in this year- I'm hooked!"*

Evonne W., Southfield - January 2012

"Over the past six years I have been on every FAD diet known to woman. I have spent probably thousands of dollars on weight-loss infomercials and I've always had poor results. Last year I decided to try something different and I began training with Laura in hopes of taking some weight off.

Prior to meeting Laura, my expectations regarding weight loss were low. My BMI was 30 (obese) and I felt sluggish all the time. Once I began training with Laura I not only lost weight but her program changed my life. Laura is an excellent trainer. Her workouts are fun and diverse. She encourages you when your spirits are low, pushes you to work to your full potential and believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself. She continues to educate me on proper nutrition and holds me accountable.

I'm proud to say that today I'm 35 lbs lighter, I have a healthy BMI and I'm stronger than I probably ever was all because of her. No matter what your physical goals are; lose weight, gain muscle or like me change your life Laura can get you there."*

Linda S., Northville - January 2011

"I started working out with Laura at the beginning of October 2010. My friend suggested that we try working out with a personal trainer together. I have a very bad knee, I have had 3 surgery's already and was planning on a total knee replacement soon. Beginning with our first session, Laura knew exactly what I needed to do to take care of my knee. She had us train with a heart monitor so we could train harder and smarter. Laura really pushes me when I need it, but always takes in account of my limitations with my knee. I love to train with my friend, and Laura pushes us each to accomplish our own goals. I have already lost over 20 pounds and over 6 inches in my waist. My knee has never felt better. I currently take NO meds for pain or inflammation, and I am putting off my knee replacement surgery. I work out with Laura 2 times a week and do my own cardio 4 days a week. I LOVE how she trains and knows exactly what I have to do to lose the weight. She mixes our training sessions up to keep us motivated and always gives great diet and home training tips. I have never felt more strong and in shape in my life. I owe it all to training with Laura. Thanks Laura for changing my life!"*

Lisa B., Northville - 2010

"I really enjoyed working with Laura. I was apprehensive in the beginning because I had let myself get out of shape. She helped me get past my fear of cardio (that was no easy feat) and really motivated me. She was encouraging when I lost weight and did not scold me if I gained a bit. I certainly would recommend Laura to anyone!"*

Cathy B., Northville - 2010

"I recently just started a new job and wasn't finding the time to fit working out into my schedule. I decided to contact Laura so she could give me the jump start that I needed to get back on track. My fitness goals weren't huge, maybe losing 5-10 pounds, but I wanted to tone what I had and improve my cardiovascular health. We started working out before the holidays which worked out great. Laura kept me on track through all the holiday parties and I actually LOST weight through Christmas and New Year's. Her workouts varied every week and she pushed me further then I've ever pushed myself. Even though we only met for 8 sessions, I lost a few pounds and 2 1/2 inches but the best part is that she taught me so much about what I needed to do to continue with a healthy lifestyle."*

Martha D., Westland - 2009

"After slowly putting on weight over several years and failing to commit to an exercise routine, I decided I needed the help of a trainer to motivate me. What attracted me to Laura, as a personal trainer, was the convenience and privacy of being able to workout in her private studio instead of at a gym. I hired Laura in January of 2009 and with her help I have been able to lose 32 pounds and 18 inches in the last 11 months! I have never felt stronger or more toned, even when I weighed less than I do now. Laura has been great at knowing when I needed encouragement, support or a reprimand to keep me moving towards my goals. Her knowledge and recommendations regarding fitness and diet lead me to a total lifestyle change, so now I get actually get upset if I miss a workout!"*

Samantha V., Canton - 2009

I began training Samantha early 2009. In eight weeks she has lost almost 17 pounds and a total of 11 inches. Here are Samantha's comments:

"I like being pushed because I can't challenge myself. I like having Laura to do it and when I am on my own her voice is in my head keeping me on my program. The whole experience has been a positive, good experience. With everything going on in my life right now, this is one area that I can control."*

Stephanie A., South Lyon - 2008

Post-natal client Stephanie worked with me for 2 months following the birth of her baby. She had been on bed rest at the end of her pregnancy and had gained more weight than she wanted in addition to being very weak. Stephanie was very motivated and started training after her 6-week postnatal check up. She lost a total of 14 pounds and 11 inches. Stephanie recently attended a wedding and wowed everyone with her post-baby figure! A successful client is great advertising - Stephanie then referred her mother and a family friend for training.

Here are Stephanie's comments about the training experience...

"Training with Laura was one of the best decisions I made as a new mom. After gaining too much weight during my pregnancy I just wanted to feel like myself again. Laura motivated me to get back to my pre-pregnancy body by keeping me focused during our workouts as well in my own life with my nutrition and cardio. Over the period that I worked with her, she was able to teach me the skill set I needed to keep up a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Laura to anyone and everyone who is ready to get in shape. I am very satisfied with Laura's personal training style and the results that she helped me to achieve. I am happy to say working with Laura has helped me to feel like myself again!"*

Heather C., Royal Oak - 2008

I first began training Heather late May '07. She was very motivated and quickly lost several pounds. More importantly, she lost a total of 12 inches! Unfortunately due to personal reasons Heather had to stop training before she reached her goal. Now, a year later, Heather is back to working with me....but she had gained back her weight plus a few more pounds. Heather is even more determined to make it work this time and has been working very hard the past few months. To date (mid July) she is down over 9 pounds and almost 14 inches overall and continuing to progress.*

These are Heather's words:

"I just got back from a "bikini clad" vacation to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Before I started my "journey" with Laura I would have been excited, of course, to slip away from reality even briefly for a weekend away with my husband, but I also would have dealt with the anxiety of having to shed my long sleeves and pants and trade them for tanks and capris. Well, I am so happy to report that not only did I get my escape, but I actually felt great the whole trip. I even walked gracefully from the beach to my towel rather than the typical sprint to the sanctuary of something that will "cover me!" "Laura has become a support to me now for over a year. I am thankful for her guidance and looking forward to reaching my goals with her by my side!" *

Lorie B., Northville - 2006

"Since working with Laura I've dropped 12 pounds while gaining muscle mass. Not a bad combination. What I like about Laura is her gentle approach. Believe me this is not the same as taking it easy but I have done the let me see how much I can torture you routine and that just isn't my style. She has provided me with many tools and helped empower me to believe that I could achieve my goal of feeling and looking better."*

Shahnaz B., Canton - 2004

"I worked with Laura pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and through back and hip injuries. She is extremely conscientious and dedicated to her clients and goes the extra mile to research any medical concerns thoroughly. Laura helped push me beyond my own comfort zone to achieve strength, flexibility and muscle tone that made me feel years younger. No drill sergeant mentality, but a great don't-quit-now attitude. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for someone motivating and knowledgeable to train with."*

Catherine D., Westland - 2003

"... I spent six weeks working with Laura and I cannot express to you how delighted I was.

Here is how my profile changed in just six weeks with Laura:

Cardiovascular VO2: 13.7 to 38.0, Bicep Strength: 60lbs. to 66lbs, Flexibility: 8.2 to 17.9, Body fat%: 43.5% TO 36.2%, Body age: 42 yrs. to 29 yrs.

Not too shabby considering I am 31 years of age! I am so happy to recommend Laura to my friends. She was a pleasure to work with, and really kept me going even when I would have given up long before! I look forward to working with her again in the future."*

* results may vary from person to person. (I know you realize this, but one of my advertising companies insisted that I say this explicitly.)