Train With Laura

Ferndale based Personal Trainer

Getting Started

Laura How do you get started training with me? I offer free consultations. At the consult we meet, discuss your fitness goals, and you will see my studio.

Benefits of a Private Studio

What are the benefits of training with me in my studio? Privacy. No one to impress, no need to feel self-conscious while you become fit. Personal attention. Individualized work outs based on your goals and abilities. No distractions - no one grunting and dropping their weights. Less expensive - I am more affordable than trainers at the clubs. I know because I used to be a club trainer!

Training in My Studio

My studio is fully equipped to provide a challenging workout. In addition to the cutting edge TRX Suspension Trainer and Indo-Row Water Rower, I also have a full hex dumbbell set, Kettle bells, bench, BOSU, step, bands, med balls, Stability balls, treadmill, jump rope, mats, etc.