Train With Laura

Ferndale based Personal Trainer

Your insurance may cover my services!

Healthy Employees = Lower Health Care Costs

As you know there have been changes to health care and health care coverage. Many companies are offering employees reimbursement or partial reimbursement for gym memberships, classes, and personal training. My Health Coach Services may be completely covered by insurance! Please check your benefits and coverage at work and see if you are eligible for any reimbursements.

Now a Certified Health Coach

My services now include Health Coaching!

Begin your journey toward a healthier lifestyle with my Health Coach services. As a Health Coach I can:

  • Help you set goals and create a personalized action plan.
  • Coach and provide resources around a broad range of health topics including:
    • Weight management
    • Exercise
    • Stress Management
    • Healthy Eating
  • Provide Accountability on your progress, supporting you when you lapse and cheering you on when you succeed.
  • Communicate with you based on your preferences — Telephone, E-mail, Instant message chat.

So many in our country are struggling with their weight. Stressors at work or home create obstacles that keep us from eating better, moving more and making health a priority. We know that a healthy lifestyle can fend off preventable disease, make life more enjoyable, and save on health care. Unfortunately people live in a vicious cycle of quick-fix solutions, and as a result, many of their achievements are temporary. My expertise in behavior change, physical activity, and nutrition coaching empowers my clients to make positive, long-term lifestyle changes. I can help and support your journey towards better health.

My Health Coach Services are available regardless of your location. If you are not local we can communicate via phone, email, or instant messaging. Don't forget to check your benefits and/or insurance to see if Health Coach Services are covered!

Savings Opportunities

Personal Training is affordable

This is your opportunity to start fresh and improve your fitness. Personal training isn't just for the "rich and famous". My rates are reasonable. Why pay high prices for a trainer at the club when you can save money and train in the privacy of my studio or your home? I will also give you more personalized attention with a workout tailored to your goals and capabilities.

Express Sessions

In a hurry? Save time and money with 30-minute Express Sessions. Great for busy professionals!

Train with a friend and save

Is money tight? I offer discounts for couples training. Grab a friend, partner, or spouse and train together. It's more fun and more affordable.

Gift certificates available

Why not give the gift of health for that special occasion? What better way to show someone how much you care than getting them started on the road to better health.

Personal training gift certificates are available in quantities of 4 or more one-hour sessions. Can't think of anything to put on your wish list? Why not ask for a personal training gift certificate? Give yourself something healthy!

Laura TV and Newspaper

You may have seen me here.

February 2012 - Channel 7 Action News

I was on the local Channel 7 Action News! I used to teach indoor cycle, rowing, and strength classes at Spinergy Fitness studio in downtown Northville. The news came for the studio's Grand Opening to film us riding the RealRyder bikes.

March 2012 - In the Detroit News

I was interviewed by the Detroit News for an article on my Train With Laura business and how I've been able to grow it using Google AdWords for my advertising. You can read it here. It all started when Google contacted me regarding how I use AdWords to promote my small business. Google invited me to their Ann Arbor campus for a tour and lunch. It was a beautiful campus and I was thrilled to see their cutting edge facility!

Guest Instructor

I love working as a guest instructor!

April, 2011 - Back to Jamaica as a Guest Instructor

I went back to Jamaica as a Guest Instructor at the gorgeous Couples Swept Away resort. Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, friendly people - what's not to love? Best of all this resort had Spin bikes so I was able to teach my favorite format. The studio was air conditioned but it was hot, hot, hot! I also taught strength classes and "Abs on the Beach". I feel lucky to be able to do what I love at a world-class resort. We will definitely return to Couples Swept Away!.

July, 2008 - Guest Instructor in Jamaica

I was lucky to be able to do a fitness professional "working" vacation in Jamaica. What does that mean? That means that I got to spend a week at a gorgeous, all-inclusive resort at a reduced rate in exchange for teaching fitness classes. The only downside was that you were expected to teach THREE classes per day, which cuts into the vacation part! There is class at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 6 p.m. Now, maybe you are thinking, three classes, what's the big deal? Someone told me "well, you would work out anyway." True, but I would not work out every day on vacation, and certainly not 3 times a day! And did I mention the 90-degree heat, 90% humidity…..and teaching in an OUTDOOR fitness pavilion? I have never sweated so much in my life.


Top Cycle Instructor

Selected as a Top Cycle Instructor

I had the honor of being selected as a "top cycle instructor" at a fitness club where I taught classes. As a result I was able to attend the first-ever "cycle summit" at the club headquarters in Minneapolis. (That's me in the leopard print jersey) We brainstormed various topics including how to be the best of the best "spinning" instructors and decided to forge ahead with outdoor cycle groups at our home clubs. I started one at my club's Novi location.

Sylvania Women's Only Triathlon


My first Triathlon!

In July 2007 I completed my first sprint triathlon in Sylvania, Ohio. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours, which I did. I have never ran or swam until that year so I am not sure what possessed me to tackle a triathlon; just looking for a new challenge I suppose. I trained for several months, putting time in at the pool, on the treadmill, and doing open water swims at Island Lake. The biking wasn't really a concern since I did that anyway along with teaching my spin classes.

My thoughts as the race day approached were "What am I doing, what have I gotten myself into, I am not ready!" My thought as I finished was "I did it!"